First – Dami Ajayi reads ‘Clinical Blues’

Zaria Horizons which aims at bridging gaps between African artists from all disciplines and audiences, is delighted to announce its first event will consist in inviting the Nigerian writer Dami Ajayi to read its first collection of poems ‘Clinical Blues’ in Accra, Ghana this September 2015. For this reading, Zaria Horizons is partnering with the Writers Project of Ghana and Vidya Bookstore.

Dami Ajayi studied Medicine and Surgery at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria where he discovered his love for writing. In that time he also co-founded Saraba, an international literary magazine. He is the recipient of many awards that cut cross poetry, non-fiction and fiction. Daybreak, his electronic chapbook, became an underground classic and his first volume of poems, Clinical Blues, was selected by This Is Africa(TIA) has one of the best books in the last five years.

See you next month in Accra.

Dami Ajayi Reading- Flyer

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