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Zaria Horizons is a platform meant to showcase artists and promote sustainable creative and cultural industries in Africa. For this purpose, we need know and discover African artists who would want stronger visibility opportunities and professional development to master and showcase their skills. We would like to know you and find out what would be most useful to help you progress as an artist. Thank you for filling out the following questionnaire.

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A good time for Ghana’s 2.0 Arts


KPrize 2016

Kuenyehia Prize 2016 Laureate Bright Ackwerh congratulated by Prof. Emeritus El Anatsui

It is a good time for the arts in Ghana. Finally, and organically, Ghana is building its ecosystem for its creative communities (the term industries would be ambitious). It would be too early to call it sustainable and sound but no one can ignore its steady growth.

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Art is everywhere

Found an interesting piece on presenting art pieces in random spaces and for zero to low costs!

From exhibiting works on an advertisement billboard to live performances or projected on a tree. Art can be everywhere and anywhere at a low to no costs but with maximum effect and public interaction.

We do not need to wait to have millions to build wondrous or ultra contemporary buildings to bring art to the people. Street art festivals such a Chalewote in Accra have shown it. Our goal is now to find means of bringing art regularly at best daily to communities everywhere.


Do African countries care about culture?

It is one question that constantly pops to my mind whenever I am confronted with the lack or total absence of bookstores, libraries, multimedia centers, art galleries and museums in a country’s capital.

Other priorities, art is a luxury, art for what are often the limited answers i receive.

Yet, culture has it’s role to play at so many levels and sectors of a country.

This is what Zaria Horizons will show you, with success stories and case studies

All to reveal that African countries need to start caring and implementing for their culture. Culture will beautifully pay back a nation that invests in her and to some unexpected extents.

Stay tuned for gradual answers to our question.