Art is everywhere

Found an interesting piece on presenting art pieces in random spaces and for zero to low costs!

From exhibiting works on an advertisement billboard to live performances or projected on a tree. Art can be everywhere and anywhere at a low to no costs but with maximum effect and public interaction.

We do not need to wait to have millions to build wondrous or ultra contemporary buildings to bring art to the people. Street art festivals such a Chalewote in Accra have shown it. Our goal is now to find means of bringing art regularly at best daily to communities everywhere.

Why don’t Africans go to Museums?

“Museums for what?” “ Our people have a hundred daily urgent preoccupations to cater of before thinking of going to look at paintings” “What is the use of going to museums after being forced to go there as a student anyways?”

The essence and utility of museums has never been so under-appreciated in an era that ironically is fond of capturing everything it sees. Our societies seem to have grown addicted to instant memory than institutional, national emblems in a building.

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