ARTIST PROFILE: Larry Amponsah

Larry bio photo


Untitled, 21×29 inches, collage

Larry Amponsah is a multidisciplinary Ghanaian artist (1989) whose core of work, “A Collective Consciousness”, focuses on the cultural value of calendars in Ghanaian society. According to him “The importance of modern or contemporary calendars is how well they tell the younger generations how their environment and its governance has changed through time.” Calendars go beyond spatio-temporal indicators of a society by also reflecting social status as lower economic classes would keep out-dated calendars longer, unable to afford ones of the New Year.

Amponsah goes to private individuals asking they lend him their calendars for him to photograph them.  He then uses collage technique by cutting through and reassembling photograph bits of these old calendars to transform into magical mirrors of a society’s past, present and future combined.

Amponsah exhibited “A Collective Consciousness” at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s ‘Gown Must Go to Town’ end of year exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology, Accra in June 2015 as well as at the Kuenyehia Art Gallery in September 2015. He explains the name ‘a collective consciousness’ because “{…} they are a collection of memories, thoughts, experiences that carve out our own special space or place” and eventually create a space of infinite possibilities.

Amponsah also created ‘Sikakoko Mr3’ (Golden Age), a large cubic collage narrating Ghana’s cultural history and ambiguous relation with gold in partnership with Zaria Horizons in January 2016.

He studied an MFA at Jiangsu University, he grew an interest in Chinese traditional painting. Amponsah received an Abraaj Innovation Scholarship to study at the Royal College of Arts in London in 2016.